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Olive Oils & Vinegars

Better Quality, Better Ingredients
Egregio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive Oils
A blend of Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Picual and Manzanilla produced from USDA and EU certified organic groves. A complex olive oil with a gold yellow color and green edges. Ripe fruit flavors are mixed with aromas and flavors of grass, green olive and artichoke.
Full Moon: Estate Bottled, 500ml
Olive Oils
Extremely low 0.1 acidity, Arbequina Monovarietal, delicate style. Estate produced and bottled – Integrated Crop Production to protect the environment and human health.

Olives crushed within one hour of harvest ONLY during October`s Full Moon week. Very fresh experience.

Very limited production. As the New York Dean & Deluca`s website indicates:

“Fascinated by the name of this exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we asked our friends at Spain`s Pago Baldios San Carlos how they came up with it. Apparently, the Arbequina olives that this oil is made from are picked every year during the full moon in October, when the olives are sufficiently ripe, yet still green enough, to produce an oil that is unparalleled in flavor and aroma. Mythologically speaking, rumor has it that the olives picked during a full moon have aphrodisiac qualities. Sadly, all we can guarantee in the way of love is that you`ll absolutely adore this amazing oil.”
Olive Oils
Extremely low 0.1 acidity. Picudo & Hojiblanca Coupage, medium-to-rich intensity, with an `earthy` flavour profile described in Taste Experience below. From a highly professional Spanish `cooperative`, with Denomination of Origin Priego de Cordoba.
Petite Mason - Chardonnay Vinegar
Olive Oils
Handcrafted using a small batch acetator by an artisan vinegar producer in California our Chardonnay vinegar has a bright, clean, fruity flavour perfect for blending fresh vinaigrettes and deglazing fish and seafood dishes.
San Carlos Gourmet Grand Reserve Dark and Light Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oils
It is probably a Vinegar UNIQUE in the world, made exclusively with Pedro Ximénez Grapes, coming from an exclusive variety of vine, aged for more than 5 years in American Oak Barrels.

Made by using the System of Criaderas and Soleras of the best grapes from Pedro Ximénez and with an acidity of 7º.

Thanks to this system, the Reserve Vinegar San Carlos Gourmet gets its own personality and extraordinary degree of concentration, reflected in its aromatic power and mahogany color. This Vinegar pairs very well with our oils ORO SAN CARLOS and SAN CARLOS GOURMET.

Ideal for fish, meat and salads.
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